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Just a small (but very exciting!) Twitter update – I have finally got my @Floralesque Twitter handle. I have been using @Amie__ for the last number of years as in one of my non-smarter moves I actually had @Floralesque but on a very old email account that has taken me over 6 months to figure the password out on! I finally had a moment of genius yesterday and now I am so over the moon to have the correct handle!

Whilst we are on Twitter Talk here are 5 of my current favourite Magazine Twitter Accounts (there will be a post coming about my favourite blogger and non-blogger Tweeters!);

  1. Image Magazine @image_magazine
  2. Steller Magazine @stellermagazine
  3. British Vogue @British Vogue
  4. InStyle UK @instyle_UK
  5. The Economist @TheEconomist
  6. The New Yorkerest @newyorkerest – okay so TECHNICALLY this isn’t a magazine Twitter feed BUT this is ran by a blogger who links to  “just the one can’t-miss piece from each issue of The New Yorker. All because we know you’re really busy. And because we’re really nice” so I just had to add it in as the added Wild Card 🙂

Sometimes it really is the smallest things (like a very nerdy Twitter update) that can make your day. Come follow me on Twitter and I can’t wait to get talking to you all xxx


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