Two Week Skincare Challenge

You may remember that I visited Virginie Claire Beauty for a Phyts facial last week (you can read about it here). Well, when we discussing how my skin was not reacting well to the weather and all the lotions, potions, creams and masks that I was using to try and combat it – we came to the conclusion that perhaps I was aggravating my skin.

My skin has changed over the past few years as I have gotten older, and is more sensitive than it used to be as well as slightly dryer – ah the joys of ageing! I have found that each Winter, it suffers. It gets dry, tight and to be honest my foundation just does not sit on my skin the way I would like to.

So, here is the two-week challenge that I decided to do on the advice of the wonderful Virginie. I am only going to use the same four products for the next two weeks;

  • A cleanser -Phyt’s Lait Nettoyant Cleanser (link)
  • A toner – Phyts Hydrolé Orange (link)
  • A moisturiser – Phyts Crême Hydra Riche (link)
  • SPF –  Phyt’s Fluide Protecteur SPF 50 (previous full review here)

Yes, you are reading that right – no eye cream, no oils, no serums, no acids and no face masks – all of which would be part of my normal routine. Apparently, my skin is quite aggravated and by layering on all of the products that I normally would I am probably making it worse.

I am a little nervous about the challenge for a number of reasons – one of being that it just seems so odd to me to use the same products day and night! And I do love my face oils. But I am willing to give my skin a rest and see how this goes. I will report back in two weeks and hopefully, my skin will see some changes.



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