Wardrobe Essentials with Orla Sheridan

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of attending an event with Orla Sheridan who is a Galway based Stylist in Brown Thomas in Galway. She was discussing what wardrobe essentials that you need to create a wardrobe that you will love and always find clothes to wear in. So often (at least for me), I go to my wardrobe which is full of clothes but cannot find anything to wear. That is exactly what Orla wants to help prevent and put a stop to. Today, I wanted to share a few tips on how to shop for wardrobe essentials that I took away from the event with you. These are the staple pieces that you need in your wardrobe (which you can then add trend pieces around) – Orla notes it as needing the building blocks of your house before you start looking at the interior design.

Wardrobe Essentials with Orla Sheridan
Showing us different styling options with the same jacket

What Wardrobe Essentials should you buy?

  • A Beautiful Dresier Jacket. You should find a great blazer that you can wear in different social situations. From wearing into work, into town shopping and also for a night out.
  • A well-made suit. The one that Orla showed was a stunning pink Victoria Beckham and I fell in love. However, that would be slightly out of my price range…. but I did take from her to choose one that fits you well, whether that be well fitted or oversized. Again, find a suit where you could wear the jacket and pants as separate as well – even more wears!
  • A black blazer. No need to explain this one as we all know it is a wardrobe staple. But just to say that you may need to pay a little more and get one with good tailoring as this will stand to you in the long run.
  • Denim Jacket. I adored the white dress that Orla showed, and she paired it with a stunning little denim jacket which I know I would wear time and time again. A denim jacket is an item that can be thrown on for so many different occasions and I love mine.
  • A summer dress. The Ba&sh dress that Orla showed was stunning and also is stocked in the full length version in Brown Thomas at the moment. The dress would be one that you could throw on any Summer evening or if out for cocktails or dressed up for a Summer wedding.
Wardrobe Essentials with Orla Sheridan
That stunning Victoria Beckham Suit

And here are three of my favourite tips from the night:

  • 2 Week Rule – if you don’t wear your new item within two weeks – return it! If you haven’t worn it, more than likely (unless for an upcoming event) you won’t wear it in the future.
  • Find the Perfect White Shirt – find your perfect white shirt. The one that works and looks great on you. You may have to spend a little bit more, but it will last and look great for much longer.
  • Find the Perfect pair of Jeansread more here about finding the perfect jeans. And also, buy maybe two pairs of jeans that look great on you – not twenty pairs of mediocre jeans. Think quality over quantity.
Insiders Secrets - Interiors & Design Masterclass | House Edit
Image from OrlaSheridan.com

We have actually featured Orla on Floralesque below, and I would highly recommend checking out these articles, as she touched on many of the points at the event;

And if you have a little time and love stylish tips and finds, then you should pop onto’s Orla’s website as she has some amazing articles about styling on it and I have used so many of her tips. She is a stylist so if you are looking for something for a special occasion or to revamp your look or freshen up your wardrobe Orla does it all. Orla is also on Twitter and Facebook and I have to also admit I love her stylishly curated Instagram!

And to finish, here are some of my top picks for staples from Brown Thomas at the moment;

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