We bought a house!!

Our big secret is finally out: we bought a house!!! We are so elated and over the moon to finally own a little house in the country with a garden – a place to call our own. I wanted to wait until the keys were actually in our hands before sharing the news as throughout the entire process I was worried that it would fall through!

The process has not been smooth, and I will be honest when I say that I didn’t realise how much was involved and how long it actually takes. We viewed the house at the end of January and only fully closed and were given the keys on the last Friday in June. It was actually quite surreal getting the keys! The process has pretty much consumed us over the past few weeks with all the final details, and sitting down to blog or respond to emails has not been easy. The only consistent thing on here has been the What’s On in Galway Posts which I love sharing.

Since getting the keys just over a week ago, we have decided to get straight into it! We have ripped out all the carpets, taken off all the skirting boards and done a massive clean up! We have about 5-6 weeks before we plan to move in so want to do the big things like repainting the rooms and getting new flooring – everyone has told us that it is much easier when there is no furniture so we have decided to roll with it. We are going to do this ourselves so we will see how it goes…

Now that we are getting more in the swing of heading out to the new house in the evenings, I am feeling much more in control and plan to get back to everyone this week, and there are so many exciting things that I can’t wait to share on Floralesque.

Thanks so much for staying with me, and if you have any tips or advice for a pair of first-time house owners in Galway please share below or DM me – we would love any tips that you can share xx

Home Sweet Home keyring is by Katie Loxton.



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