When Leandra met Iris 2Two of my greatest fashion loves came togeather in May 2015 and had a simple conversation on fashion and love. The two people in question – Iris Apfel and Leandra Medine from the fashion website Man Repeller – or as I like to call it When Leandra met Iris.

Iris Apfel has long been a fashion icon of mine (you may remember this post) and the woman who is in her mid-ninties still manages to be one of the fashion powerhouses in play. From launching new collections to releasing emoji’s there is nothing that this woman cannot do and I can only hope to be as cool as she is when I grow up.

Leandra is someone whom I have not mentioned on here before but she is such a creative talent who has created one of the most successful fashion sites out there but also still has fun. And if you are not following her on Snapchat then you are missing out(Follow her @manrepeller)! Man Repeller is a website that I go to (and have done for the past number of years) when I am looking for fashion news or fashion inspiration. There is always something fresh and often funny on the website and since it is updated so regularly I know each time I go back that there will be something new to read.

When Leandra met Iris

I love this interview for so many reasons but one is certainly that it feels like the old meets the new and I wanted to share it with you guys today, hope you enjoy xx


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