When Lucindy drew Floralesque

Today I am back with a slightly different post but one that is so exciting. A few months ago I seen on the Lucindy Facebook Page that Sarah was looking for people to send in their images for her to draw and add to her portfolio. As a long time fan of hers I jumped at the chance and sent her a message straight away. I could not believe my luck when she came back and choose my profile picture at the time to sketch!! So today’s post is all about when Lucindy drew Floralesque.

Sarah is the brains and beauty behind Lucindy. Lindy Lou is the face of the website and she has a heart shaped face and cat like eyes. She is such a talented artist and when she said she would draw me then I knew I really wanted to showcase her on here as well. So she kindly agreed to an interview and here it is – I hope you enjoy and contact her if interested in a personalized image or bag as she really is amazing.

When Lucindy drew Floralesque
The Nearly Finished Artwork

Was there a certain point that you knew you wanted to be an artist?

I don’t remember ever thinking “I want to be an artist” – professionally speaking. I just adored drawing and painting right from being a little girl but I never thought one day this would become my job. Lucindy art just kind of happened and I’m so grateful that it did.

What is the first thing that you remember drawing?

The first very clear drawing memory I have is at nursery school when I drew a duck.

Where did the very ‘Lucindy’ aesthetic originate from or has it grown organically?

Ooh I think you’re always evolving as an artist but right from the start I’ve always loved drawing big pretty eyes with long eyelashes. When I compare my earlier and later work its very much around the same theme – cute big eye dolls usually with a kitsch look. I remember as a little girl, drawing a dinosaur at school. I gave him the most beautiful big eyes with long curly eyelashes. Strange I know but I just couldn’t help myself. It was so funny.

Do you have any specific muses?

I do have a muse….the Blythe Doll.

What are your favourite materials to work with – watercolours, charcoal etc.?

I use a lot of different mediums but my favourite by far is watercolour. It has a life of its own and I love it.

Are there any artists that inspire you?

I love retro illustrations and cute kitsch art. Margaret Keane is a big inspiration.

Is there any advice that you would give anyone who is thinking of being an artist?

Have fun. Enjoy the process and don’t worry about the end result. That might sound strange but whenever I remember to do that I produce the work that I’m most proud of.

BUT, the best piece of advice I have ever heard is “Don’t compare yourself to others“. When I look at other artists’ work its very easy to feel like I’m not good enough. Its quite frightening putting your stuff out there but you just do it and hope someone likes it. I see this advice a lot so I guess quite a few creative people must feel that way. I have to remind myself of this constantly, otherwise I think I would just give up.

Is it possible to make a full time living being an artist? Are there any tips that you have for artists on when to make the break and go for it?

Well to the first part of the question Yes – Lucindy Art was a full time job for me until I had my beautiful baby boy. Then it became part time obviously but yes it was and still is my only source of income.

I can’t comment about when to make the break and go for it because to be totally honest that’s not how it was for me. It came about by accident in a way. I was running a millinery business and my art was a hobby which people had, to my surprise, started showing interest in. I never expected it to become my job, but the orders came in, I left my millinery behind for Lucindy Art and never looked back.

When Lucindy drew Floralesque

And now for some quick fire questions;

Have you ever worn something that when you seen the photos that you instantly regretted? If so what was it?
I’ve never been fashionable in the mainstream sense of the word. I’ve always been a bit quirky I suppose. A couple of winters ago though, I wore some woolly leg warmers with pom-poms dangling from the sides. I’m used to wearing unusual clothes but not to the point of drawing attention. These did! So not a photo thankfully but just a memory of people looking and laughing at my pom pom leg warmers. Even then I’m not sure I actually regret wearing them because I loved them :).
What do you typically wear while you work?
Ooh nothing special. Just as long as its something nice and comfy and something that I don’t mind having a painty accident or two. Perhaps some sparkly shoes for inspiration.
What are your current wardrobe staples?
I love my little black dress and black jacket. Oh and some killer heels.
What is the one piece of make that you cannot live without?
Mascara! Every time!!

A big thank you to Sarah for my amazing piece of artwork that I will be framing for my office wall. You can check out more of Lucindy’s work on her website, Facebook or Instagram.

And here are some more fantastic examples of her work;

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