Wild Atlantic Run Series 2016 Floralesque Strandhill race

As you are aware by now if you are a frequent reader of my blog that my target for this year fitness wise is to run the Nike Women’s Victory Race in it’s entirety. I do intend to do other races in the interim – such as the Heart of Galway Challenge and others such as the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon and the Galway 5k series. And another race which I heard about recently is the Wild Atlantic Run Series 2016 and it looks amazing! I figure if I keep myself going motivation wise with evenly spaced races then I am less likely to fall off track.

Today I just wanted to share a bit about the Wild Atlantic Way series as I think it sounds fun and the scenery while running will be beautiful. I am after signing up for the Sligo 10k in September so even after completing the Nike Race (positive thinking!) I will keep on track and keep running – I don’t just want to do one race and then that is it.  The series is being held in three locations;

  1. Loophead, Co Clare
    • Prepare to be blown away : March 19th 2016
    • Full details here
  2. Westport, Co. Mayo
    • The Jewel of The Wild Atlantic Way : 28th May 2016
    • Full details here
  3. Strandhill, Co Sligo 
    • Crashing waves, the Wild Atlantic, soaring mountains : 10 September 2016
    • Full details here

Wild Atlantic Run Series 2016 Floralesque SligoYou have the option of a few distances; (1) Full Marathon (2) Half Marathon (3) 10k (4) Kid’s Race. You also have the option of joining as an individual or a team which is fun. This is a race series as the name suggests and you do have the option of signing up for all three Wild Atlantic Run Half-Marathons for €125 including booking fees.

The actual website does have beginner, intermediate, advanced and 12 week training plans as well some nutrition tips so worth checking out if you are thinking of racing. Just to note I am in no way involved with this series but I figure if you are looking for motivation in the same way that I am that it might be handy to update you on some up-coming races that are not just a standard 5k 🙂 Fingers crossing I am flying it by September 🙂

You can follow the Wild Atlantic Run via their website, Twitter or Facebook.

*** UPDATE JULY 2017 ***

Race now sadly cancelled by organizers.

All images taken from Wild Atlantic Run Social Media accounts.


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